March 31, 2016

Cover 1The Ascent of Globalisation gives an account of the struggles that have defined globalisation in the 21st Century.

Would the international rule of law override national self-interest?

Would the global market become our servant or our master?

Would democratic representatives or transnational corporations shape globalisation?

Would globalisation be a liberal or a neoliberal project?

Can globalisation be given a human face?

Why is the new global order so disorderly?

The Ascent of Globalisation shows how these conflicting forces and the compromises they have wrought have resulted in a global financial system that is inherently fragile, unbalanced and unstable. Free trade agreements have been corrupted, are unfair and have empowered transnational corporations to challenge national environmental, labor and health regulations. Transnational capital is largely unregulated, favoring the powerful over the weak. Transnational institutions such as the European Union and UN are dysfunctional.

Written by Adjunct Professor Harry Blutstein (RMIT University), The Ascent of Globalisation tells the story of post-war globalisation through key figures involved in its creation and is an excellent introduction to the subject for graduate students studying International affairs, modern history, macroeconomics or politics.

The Ascent of Globalisation (ISBN: 978-0-7190-9971-7) is available from:, and in the United States from

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