Why is The Ascent of Globalisationthe ‘new global order’ so disorderly?

How has globalisation created a fragile and unstable financial system, fostered unfair international trade, allowed capital to move around the world virtually unregulated and produced dysfunctional institutions like the European Union and the United Nations?

The Ascent of Globalisation (released on 1 December 2015 and available from Manchester University Press and Amazon) answers these questions by delving into the history of globalisation, from its origins, at the end of the Second World War, to the present day.

Harry Blutstein has written a highly accessible history by telling the story of globalisation through intimate portraits of nineteen of its most influential architects. Engaging anecdotes, telling personal details and accounts of the off-stage dramas enliven each of the stories, many of which have never been told before.

By going behind the scenes, The Ascent of Globalisation reveals how the fundamental building blocks of international organisations — the World Bank, IMF, UN, WHO and World Trade Organization — as well as the rules that govern international markets, depended on the ideas, drive and skill of these pioneering architects. It also shows that the design of global rules and institutions has been profoundly affected by the war of ideas between liberals and neoliberals, lobbying by transnational corporations and the demands of realpolitik, as nation states wage a rearguard defence of their sovereignty. As a result, globalisation is deeply flawed.

The Ascent of Globalisation will appeal to both general readers, and secondary and tertiary students who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to globalisation.

The Author:

Harry Blutstein is an adjunct professor in the School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning at RMIT University.  With degrees in history and environmental science, Dr Blutstein brings unique insights into the spread of globalisation.

Dr Blutstein has had various careers.  Since 1972 he has been a freelance journalist, starting as an environmental writer for the Nation Review.  Since then he has had feature articles and Op-Eds published in major national newspapers. He has also worked for the EPA for 27 years in senior positions, working on issues related to sustainable development and since leaving the EPA he has worked in his own consulting business.  During 2002 he worked with the United Nations Environmental Programme, producing the Melbourne Principles on Sustainable Cities.

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Part I: The liberal foundations of globalisation
1. A better tomorrow
2. Last best hope for peace
3. Dawn over Bretton Woods
4. The European experiment

Part II: Sovereignty of the marketplace
5. The war of ideas
6. New Globalists
7. Anatomy of an insurrection
8. Accelerated development
9. Free trade follies
10. The global Fifth Amendment

Part III: Human face of globalisation
11. When the saints come marching in
12. Assault on the Summit
13. Civilizing globalisation
14. Heath of nations





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